what do you do when a person that was a friend deletes you from facebook for no reasons after you asked them to go to a concert with you making you basically ex friends then 2 years later (now) adds you BACK on facebook and then massages you "hey stranger how are you"


OMG I don’t care if I am being over dramatic. I am so over this NKOTBSB. I watch E! News every night right… and tonight they just spoke about Mixtape Festival that happened this past weekend. They mentioned New Kids & 98 Degrees but no Backstreet….hello they are part of NKOTBSB….

Glad that festival was their last show

UGH I just needed to rant about this.

I can’t take it, take it, take no more.

There are TWO snowflakes on my weather forecast and the lows are as low as 23F!



I hate when I want to go to bed & it’s like 2am but people keep me up, then in the morning the same people wake me up ridiculously early cause of loudness. Wtf

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