I wish when you were ordering clothes online you had this like virtual thing where the shirt/dress/skirt/pants you want come out of your screen so you can try it on and everything else.

it would make online shopping so much more simple and less stressful

I like to go shopping for fancy shoes and dresses that even though I sometimes have no place to wear them but because it makes me feel better about my nonexistent social life.

Oh, I forgot to blog about hearing Britney’s Christmas song My Only Wish (This Year) two times while shopping today! I thought they must have know it was her birthday and I was in the stores. ;)

Flee Market

So, today I went down to the Flee Market for some shopping. The weather was just gorgeous & in the high 80’s so it was the perfect time to go. On my way there the place that was hit by the Tornado back in June was a pass by so it was kind of surreal to see destruction from a Tornado because it rarely happens here.

I didn’t get a lot of stuff (I didn’t mention it was HUGE, so lots of walking outside) I got a rosary, I looked for a photo frame but wasn’t seeing any I liked or the size I was looking for but I enjoyed walking around the place. So much Coca Cola things! I saw some really cute antique room furniture & other types of jewelry too. Also, these weird hands made out of plaster that freaked me out. There was a little horse barn near the parking lot & I looove horses so just that brightened my day up a little bit more. :)

On the way back it took so long to get home, it was like an hour & a half ride up but heading back home it took literally like 3+ hours cause of traffic. To save from hunger annoyance I stopped at a Burger King for some food…….and they messed up my order 2 times. First time I was walking to my car and the cashier is like running after me because they gave me someone else’s order. So they then give me my new one but once I’m in the car, it’s still wrong. I didn’t feel like going back in so I just scrapped the cheese & bacon off & ate it. Ugh, these are some of the reasons I hate going to fast food joints.

I think one of the highlights of the trip was seeing a bumper sticker saying “I love my wiener” with a puppy next to it.

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