every step I take I'm keeping you in mind

❝ Remember you bring about what you think about. Faith, Love, Happiness, Hope, Health & always remember to smile.❞ - Brian Littrell

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people are so dramatic with undramatic things

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how do you politely tell someone to leave you the f alone

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I’m looking for a new camera, specifically allowed in for concerts.. Does anyone have a suggestion on what brands are good or have their own camera they like and would recommend? :) Looking for around $200, fantastic zoom, sound quality & 720/1080 HD video.

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y’all I just got a new ipod touch and I’m pretty freaking excited about that since my old one was an 8gb and this new one is 32gb 

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my birthday week isn’t off to a great start

ticket pre-sales tomorrow but can’t see BSB on their 2nd leg this summer :(

Was trying to plan it out since the announcement with my concert buddy but just got off the phone & couldn’t work it out. She runs a day care and the concert (June 20th) being on a Friday & an hour away, her kids would be getting out too late & with the drive + traffic it would be cutting it too close … if it were a Saturday we could have :(


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# wrong boyband member I know but really me right now not being able to see bsb on their second leg  # personal 

People can be such pricks sometimes

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do you ever help out a friend and they’re unappreciative about it but you keep your words to yourself because you don’t want to be THAT BITCH


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I got a early happy birthday tweet from Brian tonight. I’m so happy (✿◔◡◔)

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when people take social media activity more important than real life events …………….

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I watched 2 episodes of Dallas on TNT and now I want to watch the series 

why do I always get interested in shows late

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~*fAn LiFe*~ when celebrating their birthday is more exciting than your own

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nbd just made another brian bday post

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remember that time I was petrified of the chuck e cheese mouse when I was 3 and hid under the table screaming and lost an earring.

Yeah, I still can’t go into that place

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I think its funny how some are defending Nick, saying to stop judging him and how you can’t tell him what he can and can not do when flip the script to Brian and they judge him for the littlest needles in haystacks….

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