Brian Littrell, the only man that can make me cry for good reason.

I’m sorry but the Nick & Knight Tour & album shouldn’t have happened at all. Nick is over working himself. If you are in the hospital 2 times in 1 month for 2 different reasons you have to slow down. On the days off from the US/Canada leg where he should have been HAVING A DAY OFF, he was recording for that album all day or filming the music video. Now instead of taking a break for a couple months like the rest of the boys will be, he has to go on tour for that tour for 3 months in the Fall. 

I think I’m regretting a decision from last week that I might have made a mistake not considering doing….

If it doesn’t suck enough that I can’t go to Tennessee next month, I can’t make it to Kentucky now too

There is always that one cousin that isn’t as good as all the other cousins.

I am that cousin I am sure.

Does anyone else think the Nick and Knight song could’ve been…….better?

It sounds like a nkotb reject that Nick was thrown in then it’s like they’re singing it to each other ….. and it just sounds like I heard it before

I can’t deal with a mob of NKOTB fans again. I felt so out of place at the 2011 Boston shows. I have had no excitement for this collab and I wouldn’t mind seeing Nick but I just can’t with Jordan in concert, so I won’t be…

Apparently Ed Sheeran knows what other artists fans want. Apparently he also thinks he knows what other artists should do at their own concerts, or in their career. Well, Ed Sheeran, not only are you completely wrong but also very ignorant to your knowledge. The Backstreet Boys always include their classic hits in the shows because they know how much their fans love them. As musicians, they are free to grow as artists, song writers and share new music with their fans as much as they want because we love hearing it and they love what they do. They have been blessed with an incredibly successful 21+ years career that you can only imagine to strive to achieve what they have.

So, Ed, get off your rant.

every time I go on Facebook I’m reminded on why I don’t go there. Because its filled with classmates and family so all they do is talk about Boston

like bye


Why do people like Aaron Carter?

people are so dramatic with undramatic things

how do you politely tell someone to leave you the f alone

I’m looking for a new camera, specifically allowed in for concerts.. Does anyone have a suggestion on what brands are good or have their own camera they like and would recommend? :) Looking for around $200, fantastic zoom, sound quality & 720/1080 HD video.

y’all I just got a new ipod touch and I’m pretty freaking excited about that since my old one was an 8gb and this new one is 32gb 

my birthday week isn’t off to a great start

ticket pre-sales tomorrow but can’t see BSB on their 2nd leg this summer :(

Was trying to plan it out since the announcement with my concert buddy but just got off the phone & couldn’t work it out. She runs a day care and the concert (June 20th) being on a Friday & an hour away, her kids would be getting out too late & with the drive + traffic it would be cutting it too close … if it were a Saturday we could have :(


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