I don’t even know how to describe my feelings of the first 30 minutes of the VMA’s

So, I just heard about Lady Gaga canceling the remainder of her tour due to her injury and it just confirms that is why you can’t look at your favorite artist & tell people they are better than another because of age. Injuries can happen at any age and them being younger has no ability to being a ‘better’ performer than someone that is older.

I wish her the best in recovery for her fans.

The TRL Decade

I watched this last night and it made me so nostalgic to go back to the 90’s and early 2000’s so much. Like after watching that I think artists today have missed such a big stepping ground in their career for not being able to visit TRL. Yeah, you have the most likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter or YouTube hits but really that is useless achievements to me to be honest. But that’s today’s “Big”. They’ll never have a TRL moment because there aren’t really any strong music channels anymore to promote your records or videos.


I’m watching America’s Next Top Model and they are wearing meat in this episode’s photoshoot. This was like I think 2 years (2008) before Lady Gaga did it.

so it wasn’t really new I guess when she did it…

That…….was a very boring opening.

….not a good start of a show.

"I think Lady Gaga should go on tour with the Goo Goo Dolls and they can call it the Goo Goo Ga Ga Tour 2012"

a friend of mine is a hilarious genius tonight. haha

End of an Era

I don’t think I’m going to be buying Lady Gaga’s album in May. This era I haven’t been feeling her songs, they sound dated and she seems to have gotten dark. What happened to Just Dance & Pokerface bubbly Gaga? I don’t like how she puts those bone things in her face either, you say you were “Born This Way” but you artificial yourself for your appearance?? I’m just not sure what she’s aiming for…I guess she was just a phase for me. Shame, I really liked her last 2 albums. I’ll still preview the songs on iTunes but don’t count on me buying the album next month.

Those of you that have…

Those of you that have heard Lady Gaga’s single BORN THIS WAY today let’s not beat around the bush, Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’…yes or no? YES.

Since I started hearing about the release date for it I seem to have lost some interest in her and wasn’t really looking forward to the single. I think it was because of all the overly excited news on it. Don’t get me wrong I can see the excitement in it, it was just too much for me. It’s catchy but it just sounds dated to me.

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