So, remember I posted not too long ago about how I didn’t know if I should be excited or not that Justin Timberlake’s album is coming out 3 days before my birthday?

I listened to his album stream on iTunes annnnnd I might just get his album ….just because.

I have his first 2, so it’s like okay sure.

All my birthday has been is like one big fuss when it really has been fine. I had fun in NYC but they’re depressing everything now. I come off as a snob if I disagree to something but my family are the ones that start the arguments on the things they’re complaining about but of course it ends up my fault? Okay. Also, I didn’t know having cake at 7pm was such a fuss because I wanted my brother to be there and he’s working till then, I’m sorry, I’m such a heartless person that only cares for myself. sarcasm

Oh, I forgot to blog about hearing Britney’s Christmas song My Only Wish (This Year) two times while shopping today! I thought they must have know it was her birthday and I was in the stores. ;)

The Birthday

So, today is my 22nd birthday (explains why I haven’t been here all day!) Although no one here knows since I never stated it, till now. Lol But I had a nice shopping trip & Dinner to celebrate. Anyway, holidays or celebrations really bring in who is a real friend or actually gives a damn about you. Of course the firsts to wish me birthday words were family, appreciate their loveliness. :) The rest were A LOT of Backstreet friends and it really made me smile how we are all scattered all around the world gave a minute to tell me happy birthday on facebook & twitter. I appreciate them so much.

Unfortunately, when there is good there is bad. Outside Backstreet Land, some friends have yet to say anything. It’s sad when you need facebook reminders to remember a friends birthday you’ve known for close to 10 years, right? My exact thoughts. It’s even sadder when I share a birthday with a classmate and a friend wishes her a good birthday but doesn’t click that we share birthdays.

So, to the ones that didn’t wish me one have 5 hours till midnight, if they don’t get it in they’ve showed me their colors of their side of my friendship with them.

I sound so grudge like. Lol

Typing from my newly gifted early birthday present……IPOD TOUCH! I love this thing so much already. Firstly I can understand the autocorrect funnies people have been involved with cause it has changed some of my words already to ridiculous things! lol anyway I should be getting my accessories for it sometime this week. A little off topic but I’m so excited for Monday cause my Nick Carter “I’m Taking Off” cd is finally expected to arrive after 5 weeks of waiting!

Who’s bright idea was it for you to have things expire on your BIRTHDAY? No one wants to celebrate paying bills…

1 down…..1 to go.

I can’t believe I’ve had my driver’s license for 5 years!

I’m never going to get a birthday tweet from Brian

I’ve been trying this whole month and nothing! :(

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